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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I'm a Brit ... and I feel I must apologise for this guy ...

What a crock !

I do agree though that Align gets a biased support considering itself is a clone of an original idea years ago ... and I do know of various parts I use in my 450 that are better quality from 'clone' supplys than the 'Original Clone' called Align !


PS - I bought a $200 RTF 450 clone and 2 yrs later ... it's still flying and with the same radio.
I'm not a Brit'... I just live here for 2-3/12 Months.

I know a Man who is unemployed here, and He only gets around 150 a week. That wouldn't buy a weeks living for me. Imagine if unemployable Balr14 lived here? He'd be DOOMED.

He would be surviving on Beans and Potatoes and flying His mQX to kill time.

I'm currently in Stockport, Manchester, but often stay in wartal, Yorkshire, and Macaroni, Chillst.

I migrate around the country like an Heron. A dirty Big Bird.

I'm paid an insignificant wage of 1800-2100, 2400, $3000-3500 per Month to advertise for Gaui TSH, and I'm doing well according to stat's.

Sales at Gaui are up 64.8% on last annum minus emu.

Why am I not banned yet?
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