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Originally Posted by ckleanth View Post
sorry mate I remembered wrong info.

I cant be bothered to calculate the stall speed considering the actual wing profile and the real weight, but I can tell you it it would be a relatively high velocity..

Wow ! that is an eye opener photos... and data !
dude no offense, but u got the plane all wrong...

1. I think u r expecting this plane to be a 3D plane like the UMX micro beast .
which is not. It is pylon racer though it looks similiar

2. your LG, wow.. that is some heavy duty LG ... i am not sure what kind of "landing" you are doing... but what is the point of having a LG that can take it when the plane cant ? The point i am making is , if u had a bad landing and there is part that needs to break, which part do you prefer to break. plane or LG. I rather break my LG any day compared to my plane.

3. prop hang at 0 mph ? did you even check the surface throws (not just the amount of throw) on this bird to do this ? No sane 3D i know will have said this plane can do 3d . The surface throws is really too small. Unless you had gyro equipment, i really doubt this plane can do any 3D.

I will suggest you consider the dynam sbach 1.2m for 3d.
It looks suitable for your LG and if a docile 3d plane is really what you want.
But dont go trying to clock 140 mph speed on dynam and find that it does not work. No plane can be all things. ie 3D, aerobatics, speed, etc.
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