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Originally Posted by metalbenderusn View Post
You buy what you like, everyone else buys what they like. What does it REALLY matter WHAT brand you fly as long as you fly? I own an original Align 450 pro, I have two KEEP R/C 450 pro's and have been flying EXI 450 pro's till they dried up. Yep, the align has NICE quality, the EXI-450 pro is BETTER than the KEEP R/C 450 pro, just a little less quality than the Align. Bottom line is I fly them all and it doesn't really matter if they are set up correctly, and some of the bad quality parts on the clones are replaced with Align parts when they need replaced. I think that covers it.
Well, there you go.

What is it with this Align craze? It's the bottom of the mid-sector, EVERY DICK and Dog have one. That's not for me, thanks. I like to be semi unique.

Align are renowned for making R2D2 vacuum cleaner lookalikes.

The Lads at my field think Align are pitiful for loads of reasons; Out of round gears, Monkey metals, SHITE electronics, the lot.

Don't take my word for it, as it will be CONFIRMED INSTANTLY over on Helifreaks.

I only own a Gaui and Micky 400 so I'm mid range but VERY happy, as are virtually all of us.

I quote your quote; "What difference does it make what people fly as long as it flies"

Are you being serious?

Endangerment to people and the wallet was covered in the other thread.

If you don't want to spend money, you might be better getting into the hobby of Marbles.
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