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You done good Steve. Most of the guys on the local forums use a smart phone and the spelling, punctuation and "Auto Correct" make their posts look like a foreign language.

Do the crunchie first and then take your time on the B-100 at leisure.

Matina sounds like the perfect woman. The ability to understand the creative gene is pretty much the most important asset. I've had lady friends that thought any time NOT spent on pleasing their every whim was wasted. I dropped those like a hot potato. A truly good woman knows their man needs an outlet and also down time. In return the good ones ask for little. Give her a lot, she'll be worth it.

The diorama DonW posted. Words don't express. I think that a video someone sent me recently was part of it. It was of a group in Germany that built RC OTR trucks and heavy equipment. From the background I think their stuff was part of that. Just too cool for words.

Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Thanksgiving! We all have a LOT to be thankful for!
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Loved the airport! Better hobby than trainspotting.
Cathing up on rcg threads using a blackberry type device, hard workj

Yesterday Matina and I rode out to Katherine Gorge, walked 9 miles, then rode back, it was 41c out there I talked about my rc desires on the road and luckily she thinks it is good for me, being a mechanic from earlier years she loves a good workshop too. Sunday we fly back home and go about finding that ideal little rental.

This all leads to a confession, and your possible forgiveness. The B-100 short kit is on the way from Sky Bench, but an old favor to someone else could mean that a crunchi may arrive on my doorstep too, a Minivec sloper. Forgive me (Jeff)
Forgive me...
- smartphones suck!!
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