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You guys still might talk me into a warmliner/hotliner. And? I have an observation.

neale mentioned planes with "problems" and there's a weird attraction there; though I'm not applying it to the Siren. Still, some of the most enjoyable flying of my life has been with planes that had some weird quirks or issues. I have learned a lot from planes that don't handle like other planes.

My second glider, back around 1970, was called the Snipe and it didn't really fly. Regardless of CG it would go into a nearly unrecoverable spin the second one got too slow and added rudder input. Then came the long journey down to the beach. By the time I gave up on it I had added 1/4" of washout and nearly a pound of lead in the nose and even the best pilots couldn't make it fly well. But? I learned how to land a couple-hundred feet down the cliff.

Another real adventure was, though not a glider, a Great Planes Super Decathlon. When set up for the best stunting, and it stunted very well, it had vicious stall characteristics and demanded the highest level of attention during every second of flight. Since that plane I have never been afraid of stalls and I wonder if I could have flown the Snipe after that experience.

Sometimes we learn to love planes because there is so much "wrong" with them.
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