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Quadrino GPS - I want to clear some things up about the recent shipment of GPS units. The flak has already come back to hit me. lol. The first shipment of 12 units just went out today. I know, I said on the Sunday webex it would be Monday...and I was up all night trying to make that so. However, I ran into some technical trouble updating the firmware on the Venus chip. Most of the units that shipped today were from pre-orders in October. These people have been waiting a *long* time and I really appreciate how patient they have been...very patient!

So everyone that has ordered recently, through a dealer or myself, your unit will be shipped on Friday. I would ship tomorrow if I could, but it's a holiday here in the US. By Friday there will be a surplus of stock - there will be no shipping delays.

Sorry for the confusion and the delays. I assure you I'm doing my best to get everything out asap, but it has to be right! So go easy on Witespy, he wasnt part of the delays. We work together on getting these out and ordering from me or him doesnt affect delivery time. Witespy has also been a great help in testing the GPS so a big thanks to him for the help!

FYI: So to go back to the firmware on the Venus chip, this firmware is not the customized eosbandi/multiwii code but the code that the Venus manufacturer wrote that operates the GPS chip itself. The default firmware for this chip is meant for Cars or Pedestrians and is garbage for multi-rotors. When I contacted the manufacturer about some issues and told them it was for multirotors he supplied me with a customized firmware for flying vehicles that has much better response and less filtering. I already had my own unit updated a few weeks ago but when updating the batch it wasnt uploading.

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