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Excellent to see I've awoken the hibernating Axle owners - keep the posts coming

Originally Posted by sixty9mustang View Post
..... So I built one, just a bit larger than stock. I used a fiberglass arrowshaft for the leading edge hinge line and Robart hinges. It has 3 ribs, 2 sheets of balsa and along the trailing edge is a small piece of 1/64th ply, to make it rigid and allow for super thin trailing edge.
Sounds like the way to go - bigger rudder but less weight. I've got some .5mm thick x 3mm carbon strip which would do just fine for the t/e - bought some Robarts at lunchtime too Will be able to build the rudder and post separate from the fuse, then install it as one.

Originally Posted by Phil.Taylor View Post
Now thats a neat idea for a slidy twisty mechanism
I've got some spare box/blade somewhere - Geoff, PM me if you'd like some of it
Phil: Not quite sure what you mean by "box/blade", but assuming you mean a sliding lid for a box. Many thanks for the offer - I'll PM you shortly.
I was thinking of making a self contained unit - think of a box made out of lite-ply, with PTFE rails & sliders, which I can install or remove as a unit. Have sourced some PTFE & glass filled PTFE samples for a fiver >here<

Originally Posted by Geoff_S View Post
The obechi wing skins have mostly delaminated from the foam cores, and I'm pondering how I go about fixing this - try to infuse some epoxy back under the skins, or strip off and glass/carbon skin them instead. Any suggestions ?
Hmmmm - mine look fine, but have a covering of (possibly) Solartex - so that could be hiding delaminated nastiness underneath. I think I'll leave them as they are at the moment.
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