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Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys, I really appreciate it. I'm going to try a number of the suggestions, the main ones being practice, and spoilerons.

I think it will help not to run my battery down and force myself into a landing as in that case I don't have the option of a go around so I probably panic a bit and I don't set up the landing as well as I could.

I'll start practicing those "near landing" passes and get the hang of how the spoilerons effect the flight characteristics on final.

Overall I have a good feel for how the plane flies. It's very nice and not out of my difficulty curve at all. The main thing I noticed is that it will drop a wing if you get slow, but it's pretty easy to tell when that is going to happen.

The other plane I have is a Sky Surfer (like Bixler) with a larger motor and prop, and frankly I got bored with it. I love flying the Blaze, it's just when the flying has to stop that is giving me problems.

The landing characteristics are very different between the two. The Sky Surfer bleeds off speed very well by itself and loses altitude very predictably on final to where it eventually lands itself within a pretty small area as long as you have it low enough before stall speed. The Blaze, not so much. It wants to keep flying!


Landing practice went well today. I think I've figured out two key things. Number one, I should try and land into the wind. The plane carries much less speed that way. Two, as David H. mentioned I am indeed getting some VERY nasty air up to about 20 feet off the ground. Making progress though!

My flight was cut short by one of the screws that "hold" the wooden tray in falling out and getting caught between the motor and fuselage. Also one of my aileron control horns coming loose, which means all control horns are getting replaced. Didn't realize they were just kind of clipped onto the backings. I actually didn't notice anything was wrong until I tried a roll. Bravo for flying fairly well minus an aileron.
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