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I actually went the other way. I started flying 15-17 years ago and was very active till 5 years ago when we had our forward to a month ago and the Wee Man started asking about my planes which got the flying juices going again. I resurrected some of my old slow/park fliers and then got the itch to start flying aerobatics again. I have 25+ planes and the only foamy aerobatic plane I have is a old Inferno Depron foamy bipe which needs some love and is also quite fragile. I started looking around and found the Techone Venus and pulled the trigger. I could not be happier, while it is not a true 3D plane, more of a pattern plane, it flies VERY well and it has allowed me to get my fingers back and being that it is EPO it is pretty tolerant of dumb thumbs. Over the last month I have bought some more batteries (can't believe how cheap they have gotten) and have been flying the pants off of it and having a ball. My fingers are coming back slowly and I am now at the point where I am working on my balsa stuff to get ready to fly. Foam is great but balsa flies very differently and allows you to do stuff that foam just will not do....can't wait to get some of my balsa stuff in the air.

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