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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Why was yours 1.2kgs ??????

Mine ready to take battery is 524gr ... add a 4S 1600 Zippy Compact now 698gr .. a 3S 2200 Turnigy blue gives 716gr - WITH WHEELS and the extra few gr's for the Pilot figure .......... a long way of 1.2kg !!

sorry mate I remembered wrong info.

Real Weight
Original LG 3S 883g
Original LG 4S 914g
New Carbon Fibre LG 3S 944g
New Carbon Fibre LG 4S 975g

I changed the LG because the stock was... well shite
my CF LG was proportionally sligtly bigger for the A/C but it was better than the stock one (becasue it would actually take the punishment) but with unfortunately a slight increase in weight

weight brakedown original configuration
Sbach 342 800mm (PNF) pylon thing 883g
fuselage & rear wing & motor & esc & 7x5 prop with spinner 436g
main wing 148g
receiver and telemetry 62g
original Landing Gear with wheels 40g
Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 45~90C Lipo Pac 197g
the above should sum 883g

with the original LG and a 4S turingy it was 914g
Turnigy nano-tech 1800mah 4S 65~130C Lipo Pack 228g

I was interested to see if it could prop hang so at 0mph speed
(data from APC propellers website) :

prop 7x5 3S 15500 RPM
Weight (g) 914.4
Thrust (N) 9.0
Thrust (Lbf) 2.0165

prop 7x5E 3S 15500 RPM
Weight (g) 924.1
Thrust (N) 9.1
Thrust (Lbf) 2.038

prop 7x5 3S 20000 RPM
Weight (g) 1574.8
Thrust (N) 15.4
Thrust (Lbf) 3.473

prop 7x5 3S 20000 RPM
Weight (g) 1591.1
Thrust (N) 15.6
Thrust (Lbf) 3.509

I cant be bothered to calculate the stall speed considering the actual wing profile and the real weight, but I can tell you it it would be a relatively high velocity..

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