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1) Because you don't need to.

2) Petrol will "Gassify" under pressure, and sprayed in. Bio-Diesel will turn back into a liquid in the intake track.

3) If you spray it into a combustion chamber that has low enough compression, so the fuel doesn't auto-ignite (to control timing with a spark) you won't have enough pressure and heat to properly burn the fuel. (you will make a lot of soot) To get my Cummins to run clean... the engine starts at 22:1 compression, and then runs 32 psi boost. That would bring the static compression up to 6x a typical gas engine. (at about 800 to 1000 psi compression, under boost)

So... I'm all for experimenting... but what would the reason be, behind this experiment? If you want to make bio-diesel... burn it in an engine that is designed to burn some kind of "Oil." You got to remember... the original diesel engines were designed to burn peanut oil, and not this petroleum crap that the oil companies want us to use. Diesel was the original "Green" fuel, and we can make Bio-Diesel out of dam near anything. (Pressing any vegetable mater, old coffee grinds, algae, grass, or used oils) Heck... I pour old engine oil, and transmission fluid directly into the tank of my 2001 Dodge Cummins. (runs fine)

Basically... making bio-diesel can come from 100's of waste sources. To make bio-Petrol (alcohol) it has to come from prime food sources (Corn, sugar cane, sugar beats) and that's BAD for the economy. (and just stupid since the power out is nowhere near the power in)
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