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Originally Posted by johnwohl View Post
I'm sure this all sounds crazy and stupid to you but keep in mind I've never had anyone to teach me the proper way to fly and so I've learned entirely by trial and error (read: crashing).

Also, do you think nylon wing bolts would help by shearing off when I catch a tip instead of ripping the fuselage?
Short answer ... learn to plop the plane down using spoilers.

Set your plane up to have as much spoiler travel as possible, without stalling the servos. You probably will not need much more than 10-15mm up anyway. Put the spoiler on a slider if you have that on your TX.

Do not mix any elevator into the spoiler until you know how the plane responds with deployed spoilers. Some nose up and some nose down. Depending on weight, CG, decalage, speed, etc.

Avoid sweeping turns into the final leg.

Power off, maintain airspeed. Watch for wing wobble, if wing wobbles then apply power and stay OFF the ailerons, retract the spoilers. Use rudder stick for directional control.
Once at safe altitude set up for another attempt.

On final slowly deploy spoilers, keep hand on elevator stick and apply necessary input to control attitude, altitude and airspeed.

Observe speed and energy of plane and apply spoiler/slider elevator/stick to find the correct nose up attitude that is not a full stall but is also a flying wing. Generally you want to pick a spoiler setting and keep it the same until touch down. It is not a good idea to retract spoilers as this changes the dynamics of the wing and will often lead to a low altitude stall. However, you can apply more spoiler at the end of the float out if you feel you can get away with it. Once you determine what is an optimal spoiler setting, you will use that setting on future landings and be able to couple the elevator in to the spoiler.

Once speed bleeds off you should be able to sit the plane down on the terra firma with only a foot or two or run out.

As for the wing bolt .... maybe and maybe not but, usually yes. Wing tips are a write off on this plane. I trimmed my back the day I got the plane and have not looked back. Problem here is this plane have two wing bolts.

A single nylon bolt attachment will must usually snap on a bad landing. A two nylon bolt system will hold better. Either way, nylon will break quicker than steel. If you plan on upping the motor specs on the plane then I would stay with the metal bolts, if you are staying stock then go with the nylon bolts. Just be certain to inspect the bolts from time to time and try not to wring the plane out in the air as these are not very wide bolts.

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