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If I can stick my nose & 2c in....
First off, amen on the practicing. Can't find enough time to practice? If you can find time to fly, you can!

I consider myself as 'still learning'. For point of reference, I'll keep that consideration for the rest of my days.
"But conditions constantly change day-to-day, & require different approach to landing strategies! So how", one might ask/think/ponder, "do I get the learning experience applicable to TODAY'S conditions, wind, etc?" Simplest thing in the world!

But first, let's back up a moment & address a (as I see it) fundamental problem in your strategem. Namely, don't fly your batteries dead! Stop trying to figure time according to powered/gliding periods. Set a time which, under ANY conditions, you KNOW your LiPos will have more than sufficient life to provide all needed power. It might be 10 minutes, or even 6, but stick to it! Get a countdown timer, set it to x minutes + 15seconds.....start it, slip in your shirt pocket & launch during the 15 seconds. When the alarm goes off, land. Set your # of minutes to a time which will still allow power for 2-3 go-arounds.

This should eliminate the fundamental problem. So now, back to the original train of thought - practicing today's conditions. It might have dawned upon you by now, but the simplest solution is to shoot several landing setups as part of each day's flying sessions. And I'm talking, every time up - not just each day, as conditions change thruout the day. EVERY time I load a fresh LiPo & launch, I spend the last 4-5 minutes doing what I call 'near' touch-&-goes. 'Near' becuz I fly mostly gliders, long props etc, & belly floppers, so 'near' is purt' much a must.

Jumping ahead a bit - "But I want to fly longer than 'just a few minutes'!" Simply put, that's why God gave us extra LiPos. I started with typical flying sessions of 5-7 minutes, depending on the plane & conditions. As you learn how each power setup 'works' due to how much 'juice' it takes to re-charge your LiPos, you should find you can extend your flying time for each plane gradually, to maximize the flying time for that model - but always keeping in mind to save enough power for a couple go-arounds. My 'typical' period for the same LiPos where I started with 5-7 minutes now extend to 12-15 minutes. Which, for what it's worth, for me is plenty, & at which point I want to take a rest anyway.

Now, if I'm in a good glider eg my Minimoa that thermals well & conditions are favorable, I've flown well over 30 minutes. Because I've had a good feel (from experience) for how long the LiPo would hold up, & knowing I had only run the motor for 2-3 minutes, I could have kept it up there probably over an hour. But JEEZ! My neck can't take it! *LOL*

But anyway, that's the practical side -- what follows gets more into the esoteric end of things. I don't mean this to be 'insultory' in any way!, but are you the type that can read something & actually learn from it while you're reading? I only ask that (rhetorically of course) because I know some folks can't, or don't very well. If perchance you can't, then this might be lost on you...but it (the basis) is still something worth knowing.

It's a conclusion I made which, as counterintuitive as it might sound at first thought, nonetheless was one of those magical epiphanies that hit us now & then. Basically said, I learned probably more about landing than from anything else, from learning about takeoffs!!

"Why, that's crazy talk!" one might think. But I swear it's true. You know those things we....not neccessarily 'study' but as we're taking in, that 'little light comes on'? Know what I'm saying there? I'll just say as I was reading this, thru the course of reading it several lights came on! I think that's what made it reach the epiphany status. *LOL*

Anyway, this has grown longer than I thought when I started - hopefully not too long - so will break off at this point. Give y'all time to catch your breath. And if you or anyone is interested in that 'thing' I'm alluding to & want to read if yourself, just say the word & I'll post up a link. Its title is 'Airline Flying 101 - Anatomy of a Takeoff'. And good lord I hope I haven't embarassed myself here!!
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