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Checks before next flight...

Originally Posted by small_rcer View Post
Before the next flight, try to check the angle of attck on the main wing and tail.

If the plane is zooming up it may be the difference in angle of attack between the main and tail effectively is giving a constant up elevator. If that is the reason a kludge may be to give the ailerons a bit of reflex to effectively reduce the angle of attack.

To do this, with the ailerons centered and even, turn the adjustable links 4-6 times in the direction required to give both ailerons a slight amount of up. This effectively reduces the angle of attack. It does induce some drag.

Try a short hop. Power up and take off and land immediately after 1 -3 seconds of straight ahead flight. Evaluate what happened. Did you have more elevator control and less pitch up?

Also setup exponential on the TX for the elevator or reduce the throws by moving out a hole or two at the elevator control horn.. The video seemed to show over control, not so much tail heavy.

I have made a jig to check the angle of the main wing in relation to the tail. The flat bottom of the Clark-y is exactly parallel with the centreline of the symmetrical profile of the tail. Upon watching the video, and balancing the aircraft before and after the flight. I can confirm that the CG was just behind the 33% mark. I am going to go for 25% for the next flight.

Having already completed one flight, I am confident that moving the CG forward should help a lot, I am basically going to add a second 5000mah 4s battery up front. Based on the performance of the plane. I think it will easily handle the extra weight.

If after doing that, I still experience pitch issues, I will change the angle of the ailerons. But would be hesitant doing something that is going to reduce performance at this stage...

Does that sound about right?
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