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I built an octo this summer it flew very well till i added a gimbal and a cannon t3i to it overall it was a bit flexy shouldn t have used 1/2 inch square alum tubing on it so i then decided to try x8 setup i used 3/4 alum tubing drilliumed and now my vibrations are off the charts on my ys x6 like 16 -36 tried to ballance motors ballanced props same props as my octo which had a vibration of around 3- 5 .i should mention that my x8 airframe is welded together in the middle its two arms lapjointed then welded i did this to save weight i only have 4 m3 bolts to hold the plates on I figured that i could save alot of weight by welding and min bolts with no tube clamps but now it vibrates like hell i put neoprene under the upper plate to help and i put neoprene strips with ds tape under my mc and the imu but it still shakes shakes shakes ahhhhh so do you guys think that dampers under the motor mounts are the way to go ? any sugestions would be appreciated

Gday, nice to see people attempting to create and strive towards a personal copter of their own and not buying from mainstream as others here ,how refreshing . My belief with a good balancing regime for your motors and props your problems should be non existent there are some good posts within rcg that you can learn how to balance motors and props if it does not correct your issues pm me and i can let you in on a few tips.
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