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Originally Posted by solentlife
My present 50mm with 6 blade and 5000kv hits consistent 140kph. Unquote

I was getting 140-145 kph with my T45 with the Wemo fan and Wicked 4800 on 4S. So about the same.

OK ... and with your 6000kv ?

I really am of opinion that the T45 is a draggy airframe with those large inlets, wings reasonably thick .... that 140~ is about the limit ....

To get a better idea of what the T45 will do with my set-up - I've transferred my ET V3 Speed sensor to the T45 ... so once weather clears and I get her in the air - I'll have a reading of her. With video so no cheating with long dives etc. !!

Joe : On the topic of less amps and more thrust ... this can only work to a small degree as work is dependent on whats put in .... conservation of energy and all that. To output a figure - the rotor / motor combo must load up to a figure. You cannot get more for nothing. The only factor that can increase your output is efficiency. So I grant that the Lander fan is generally regarded as a better more efficient fan. The gain in performance I can only expect to be marginal to be honest as the level I am pushing - only serious diffierences in gear can give appreciable gain. I think Don will agree on that - otherwise why would he waste time on the Wicked series of motors. My Need for Speed campaign with the Parkjet is agood example of small gain for large increase of power etc.
I know my worst item is the motor itself - as it's not so efficient ... so it takes more amps to try and reach its KV x Volts specification. But I'm not a rich man so I live with it. I'm also a person who is renowned for cheapskating my way to what I want ...
The 2610 Turnigy was originally bought for my 64mm T45 .. but the performance was only a few kph better than stock 4200KV ... so I reverted to Turnigy 4200 in her and swapped it to the 50mm where I got a much better result.
My reasoning is that for anyone who wants a cheap upgrade that is fast but not out of reasonable control - my $30 (note that incl. shipping from HK to me) upgrade is not a bad option.
For those with the skill to modify an overlarge Lander fan or more money can of course go the other routes and likely get more ... but again I'll be surprised if the difference is that great.

What I find interesting is that the SAPAC T45 is able to reach much higher speeds (one youtube vid claims 264kph based on a sensor which includes his lovely dives !... actual doppler of his level is 195kph.... like many youtube vids they overstate the speeds) ... but still at near 200kph on a T45 frame is good. But the strange part is the SAPAC T45 is larger and heavier than the Lanyu 64mm which reaches only similar to the 50mm at 140~. My Lanyu is currently running a 4S 2700 pack on 6 blader ... with 1:1 thrust to weight.

Overall an interesting exercise and I read it ball ... I will be looking to see how far I can push the 50mm T45 ... I'm currently able to carry to a 4S 1600 or 3S 2200 in her and still glide well ....

Lets see what the V3 Speed sensor gives ...

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