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Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
Flew the Sbach again last weekend. My new cowl came in, but I didn't put it on since I am still getting used to the plane.

3.5 batteries, everything was going great. Landing this thing is a breeze and I simply can't believe how much power it has. Unfortunately, on the fourth battery, disaster struck (again). I did a nice touch and go, then powered off for take off. She climbed smoothly, and then began arcing back down. I gave her more back stick and increased throttle, but it only accelerated the dive, so I dropped the throttle way back and gave full up elevator, and she leveled out - still descending but more like an approach rate. I brought her around and put her down (hard) next to the runway. I ripped off the landing gear (again) and found the motor mount loose.

When I inspected her, I discovered that the control horn to the elevator had broken - how I was able to get ANY elevator, I don't know, but I consider myself pretty lucky. I also suspect that the motor mount may have been loose prior to the crash, contributing to the downward arc when I applied more throttle.

So - I've cut the foam back to allow me to put a piece of basswood across the nose - I have discovered that the motor mount is glued to an area that doesn't have much foam behind it. I've also cut foam back on either side of the LG mount to do the same thing - run a piece of basswood across a broader area to provide more support.

Thankfully, I still have an intact cowl - and it won't go on until all the bugs are worked out!
Sounds like you mostly dodged another bullet. I guess I need to check my motor mount and horns on my Peaks pretty regularly.

Curious about your warped elevators. Have you tried anything to straighten them or are they much of an issue? I have a CZ Yak with warped elevators(last 2 sets) and I haven't had any luck trying to straighten them. It doesn't track like it did with the straight originals.
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