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One could probably strip off some more things, such as all that stuff around the carb, but it may not really reduce the weight much if any. The mufflers are primarily replaced with better ones that reduce the noise more, or increase the power more (such as tuned muffler or pipe systems). But if the muffler is steel and heavy, then going with a more lightweight muffler, maybe aluminum can help. There might be some extraneous protrusions or metal webbing on the crankcase that could be cut off too. But don't chop off the mounting tabs or mount points though.

Further weight reduction entails removing the flywheel and magneto and replacing them with a electronic CDI unit that is battery powered. But quite a few fellows prefer the magneto systems, even if they weigh more, for the simplicity of it all. More advanced is machining up a new crankcase for the engine to replace the stock heavier one.

The side piston port engines run pretty good, but the side port forces the engine designer to leave off a intake boost port into the cylinder. So the engine only has two side ports. The reed valve engines or rotary valve engines have the carb away from the side of the cylinder, so then they can put in a third intake port into the cylinder. Thus the reed valve or rotary valve engines develop more power and performance than the old style side port engines do. Thus your side port engine won't run as good as the other types of engines, and won't really develop that extra power that the 3D aerobatics crowd likes. But the engine is good for other types of model airplance flying of course.
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