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F#@king Stencils!

You Have to be a Bloody Magician!
Well, I applied the stencils to the left side of the fuse today. Man what a pain until I worked out the secret. I screwed a couple up trying to get it right! Also you'd think Get Stencils would supply a clear instruction sheet about where all of the stencils actually go. But of course not. I had to spend a fair while going through a lot of my books and documentation to find the right locations. Oh yeah and there are a few spelling mistakes in the stencils too, "DON'T LIFE BY STABILIZER" - what the hell is that? Just one example. Oh well!

The Process...
I put my halogen work lamp relatively close to the surface of the fuse where the stencil will go to warm the surface up, leaving the lamp in place throughout. Then I give the area a light rub with prep sol which cleans but also softens the paint. I leave it to dry for around 30 seconds, and then put some paper over the stencil after it is taped in place, and apply heat for about 20 seconds with my covering iron on its lowest heat setting.

Then and only then I rub the stencil down using the side of an audio jack plug. This seems to work 90% of the time. If I don't follow these exact steps however, the bloody things won't stick! If I wait too long after applying prep sol they won't stick. If I don't heat up the surface enough with the lamp they won't stick. If I don't hop up and down on one leg singing 'It's a long road to Tipperary' while applying the stencils, they won't stick!

After all this they get a coat of Tamiya semi gloss clear with a brush to protect them from handling.

I damaged the paint on the fuse here and there through rubbing too vigorously with the prep sol (Jeff you would be ashamed of me), but I am saying it is an additional weathering technique!Well it'll have to do anyway! One more side to go when I get the motivation...
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