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Originally Posted by Plantraco View Post
In all seriousness though, we should be producing these with licensed bodies, we could do a Suburban or a Bronco or an X5 or a Range Rover, Kia, Cayenne, UniMog.

Perhaps one of the automobile manufacturers who would like to promote maneuverability and control of their SUV would be interested in an iPhone controlled 2 inch length model R/C car. They must sell lots of R/C cars on the Porsche website - they actually have a fairly nice selection. I can see them calling Plantraco about our ZenWheels iPhone controlled R/C Cars and making a special branded and licensed model.

We intentionally designed the ZenWhels cars with larger, oversized, out of scale wheels that would allow the car to overcome small obstacles.

There is some leeway for doing a scale top cover - the main tweaks that have to be done are usually to pull out the fenders wider up front for the steering arc. It would be great. I normally focus on the mechanicals and the performance and interface and less on the cosmetics. But yeah a licensed scale model would make us do it for sure.
Sounds good. I don't think the over-sized wheels should harm the overall look too much. Functionality is important, and the main feature of the car, so the bodies don't need to be perfectly scaled with the wheels, just look more appealing that the current blob.

One thing I forgot to mention, maybe additional tyres could be sold, I don't think they will really wear out, but maybe some tread patterns. Even some different rims to choose from if possible.

Although a bit ambitions, further down the line, you could even have a "build your car" section, just like most car sites, and people could customise their car. But to save costs instead of assembling at the factory, send out the car in parts, so you have the actual car, the body, the rims, and the tyres. I think that would be quite enjoyable for people in the hobby.
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