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Originally Posted by mrbeacham68 View Post
I've recently built the removable wing version of the Extravaganza. I maidened it last Sunday and have about 5 flights so far. It's not flying quite right yet though.

First of all I still have some work to do on the CG. I have measured the current CG accurately and it is at the rearmost point in the recommended range at 115mm. It still flies level with a little up elevator, however, as well as pulling to the canopy in a knife edge and needing too much forward stick for my liking when inverted. All of these things point to CG being too far forward, but as I said, it is as far back as you're supposed to go. Have others had this same experience? Any suggestions? Just keep shoving the battery back until it flies right?

Another issue is the thrust line. I thought it looked a little to the left once the motor was in and indeed it needed right rudder to fly straight. I shimmed the motor mount until it looked straight but it still needs some right rudder. I've shimmed it some more to give it some right thrust but haven't tested it yet. Has anyone else found it needs some right thrust? Horizontal thrust line is dead level which seems to work fine.

I'm sure these things can be sorted and it will be great fun. I'm already much braver at harrier flight near the ground than with my nice shiny Extreme Flight Edge 540, which is the whole idea for getting the Telink. I've never flown such a big foamy before and compared to the balsa Edge it is rather imprecise, feeling a bit like a balsa plane with very poor centring servos. I suppose this is normal. Anyway, once I get it flying better I'm looking forward to trying some moves which I don't dare try on the Edge.

Sounds like you and I have the same 2 airplanes for the same reason. Foamies bounce!! Actually I have the Telink 43" Yak-55 and the Extreme Flight 48" Edge 540. I had the privilege to be at 3 different fun-fly meets with BOTH the Extreme Flight team and the Twisted Hobbies guys. I asked Chris Jewett to help me balance my Yak and run through a few maneuvers to see if it is set up right. All I can say is WOW . Chris flew the wings off my Yak and very crisp and precise. He has a high energy style of flying - on the throttle a LOT - and total command. I knew it could do all that stuff by watching the videos, but I can't do it, so I tend to feel like it's the airplane and not me. Well, it's definitely me, not the airplane .

Chris moved my battery back about 1/2" more than I would have - then he was happy. Now it flies inverted with almost zero down stick (maybe actually zero!). It took some time for me to get used to that, since I was so used to putting in some down. I know he did several checks, if I can remember. First was upright and inverted at about 3/4 throttle. Move the pack until both are level with no stick input. Then I think he did a straight downline with zero throttle to check for something else. It was a while ago, so I can't really remember.

The other thing he did was set my Expo to 35%. He said it's much better to get used to a lower expo, then you have more crisp response. I was already using 35% on my little 30" 3D foamies, so it did not take long to get used to this. My buddies who fly 75% expo don't like my Yak 'cuz it's too squirrely to them. I love it. I can't fly their planes 'cuz now they feel too mushy to me. Also I now fly with much more throttle like Chris was doing.

I also had to shim the motor to get a little right thrust, but did not think to ask about this.

I love my Yak and about ready to order one of the other 48" models.

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