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It depends on a few things, here are some initial questions:

What is the max speed you like to reach in level flight without any help from dive or wind?
Keep in mind that your future needs may dictate more speed. With higher capable system purchased now you can always prop down for now. Later on a $3 prop can increase your speed. (In long run it'll be cheaper instead of buying another system again). Just throwing out food for thought.

Do you have the ESC and battery for this project or you will buy them as needed?
If you have one of them, what is it?

For any given speed, you need at least certain amount of power (Watts).
The more cells that you run, the lower AMPs you will need for same Watts.....meaning you can run lower AMP rated ESC.
I hear you....initially you like to cap cell count at 4S.
Strykers have been run up to 12S.
Most ESCs are capable of 6S.
Keep your charger's max cell count in mind because some are only good for 3S or 4S. No need for surprises.

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