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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
The last time the rain stopped long enough, to let me get up our slope with a favourable wind to fly the Dorado, I easily went through most of the 1600 battery capacity in less than a couple of hours and regretted not having a second battery. To me, R/C flying has always meant doing lots of aerobatics. I fly the Tomcat the same way and I'd like a 2300 battery for peace of mind.

The Dorado has just enough accessibility to allow battery changes, but exchanging the battery in the Tomcat is not possible without disturbing the Rx and wiring too much.

The two slopers I have, and the one that's the subject of this thread, are only sport planes, albeit high performance ones, so there's no excuse for trading off accessibility just for style.
If you look at the replies Gordon, there is no need to change or to trade off accessibilty for style.

I don't think there ever was, and so I don't think I could be deemed a culprit for not making a plane just to suit your style. Everyone else seems to like them.

Having said that, the Dorado (Vec IV Study) was never meant to be a plane, - it was made just a design study, that RCRCM promised not to put into production.

The Tame Cat (Not my name) or Wildfire as I called it, was completely changed except for the wing planform and any advantages it had were designed out - so again I'm not the culprit.

I can't really be held responsible over:

a) a problem that seems to be isolated to say the least,
b) a problem that is apparently present on planes that I strongly disclaim rsponsibility for.

I'd buy a different battery that fits and can be used, or buy one of the planes that I have designed recently and everyone has said has "A strightforward" radio installation. The Hurricane, for example, has a much longer nose and so an easier radio install and battery change than the Typhoon for instance.


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