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Originally Posted by thefamoushat View Post
------ Debug info------
tiltBeta: 0.75
panBeta: 0.75
gyroWeight: 0.98
GyroWeightPan: 0.98
servoPanCenter: 2100
servoTiltCenter: 2100
servoRollCenter: 2100
tiltFactor: 17.00
panFactor: 17.00
Gyro offset saved 0.00,0.00,0.00
Mag offset saved 0.00,0.00,0.00
Acc offset saved 0,0,0
Mag cal:0,0,0,-0.00,-0.00,-0.00
ADXL345 ID: 0
ITG3205 ID: 0

I'm guessing the last few values should be other than 0?
Exactly, the 3 last lines (sensor-ID) should all have some specific numbers. Can't remember them, but ADXL is 235 or something like that (you should just check if they are different from 0). I know it's not much help, but it shows that the problem is the I2C communication, and not just for one sensor but all of them

It should be like this:
ADXL345 ID: 229
ITG3205 ID: 104
HMC ID: 16
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