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Originally Posted by jk6672 View Post
How do you know if a magnet is glued correctly or not?
Take off the bell and visually inspect. The grooves between the magnets should be full of epoxy, and the small gap between the end of the magnet and the open face of the bell should have an epoxy fillet. Some of the better motors have retention rings in that area but the Turnigy motors typically do not.

You can use either CA or epoxy. Epoxy will soften more with high temps than CA. JB Weld is probably best as it is more resistant to heat than regular epoxy. Obviously, you should make sure the groove area is clean and free of machine oil before you apply the glue.

Before the glue dries, make sure you have not left any glue blobs on the face of the magnets that would impinge on the stator when the motor spins. You'll have a devil of a time trying to sand that down once the glue dries.

While you're there, make sure every grub screw is tight and loktited, and the same goes for the screws that affix the x-mount to the motor. These WILL all come loose if you do not.
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