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Let us remember that not all foamies are created equal.....

Just because the Dynam 262 and the Freewing 262 are the same size and use the same size fans does not make them of equal value.

I have flown the Dynam Me-262 and it was pretty decent. The landing gear was pretty crude, I thought and on the model I was flying (a buddies) it had failed early, leaving one main leg intermittent.

I will say that my Freewing Su-35 had a much better finish and was more refined in design and construction than most other foamy offerings. Compared to the Dynam Me-262, it was far superior. The Dynam model looked like it had been painted by someone in kindergarden, IMO.

The Freewing metal strut electronic retracts in the Su-35 were quite a bit better than the ones I saw in the Dynam 262.

I like the opposite rotation fans on the Su-35 and it is my understanding that the same units are used in the Freewing 262.

My Freewing Su-34 has around 130-140 flights on it, with no issues except occasional fan breaks, usually after FOD ingestion. Easy and cheap to replace.

Is the Freewing 262 worth 150 more than the Dynam? I am not sure, but given my experience with Freewing, the cost is not completely out of line and there are certainly certain aspects of the Freewing 262 that are notably superior to the Dynam offering. I would be an instant buyer at around 300. Might still be a buyer even at 350.
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