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The good news is that the V911 radio is about as bone standard as it comes.

The left stick is throttle - and YAW which is rotating the heli.
The right stick is pitch and roll.
pitch is moving forward - backward
Roll (right-left) is how you adjust your hover side to side.

next to the sticks are a bunch of little tabs.. one for each axis, if the helli drifts backwards, you can push up the right vertical tab a bit and that will "trim" the setting so it say better in place.

It is a bit hard to get used to , but this is the general layout of all the bigger radios, and it is your stepping stone to flying any other heli. this is one of the great things about the V911, is works like much bigger helis so you can practice without crashing $1000 when things goes wrong.


Originally Posted by ggnextdoor View Post
Hi, I just bought a V911 and its transmitter/controller has so many buttons/operations which i am not sure how to operate. More so i moved from s107g to this V911. On s107g controller the throttle was on left and right was used for moving left/right...on v911 the left one is for throttle and changing direction of heli and right for going forward and backward. Now this is creating an issue for me..i think i will have to practice..but more so i want to get a description of all the functionality of controller and its capability and what i can do to try different things on heli. Are there any threads that specifically talk about this? or any website where i can get that info?

Thank you,
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