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Originally Posted by waboats View Post
To then divide the current classs into another sub-set just means the class gets further broken up.
Ugh Man. Finally.
We aren't talking about Apples & Oranges, We are talking about Braeburn's and Cortlands.

Originally Posted by waboats View Post
The Vintage Idea has merit merely just to get Boats on the water. But it only takes one skipper to want to be that little bit more competitive with a newer faster design, then the concept is lost as that skipper becomes excluded.

Every era had faster boats than others.
Plus, The whole point of racing, and racing in a developmental class is for that skipper that does want to make their boat faster than their competitors.
There's no way to fairly handicap ANY era of M. So we shouldn't handicap any of them, just let the desgin be what it is.
A corrector weight to bring 2 designs to the same exact weights does not mean that competition is all-of-a sudden equal, but it's a feel-good, and brings the designs closer atleast.

Each era has boats that are faster than the others within the same era. A Skapel is faster than a Viper. This is a developmental class. Some boats are just faster than others..

But, you can sail similar designs together and have close-competitive racing.
Maybe someone suggested that before.
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