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Originally Posted by breakwater View Post
Calling on Detroit to host the 2013 Marblehead Class nationals.
You guys have 23 Marbleheads..... Our Class secretary says....... all it takes is a club that is pretty sure they can get Five

What say you Detroit?
Wow, you guys post so fast I can't keep up. It's funny you ask this. We had our fall Marblehead meeting just last week. This subject came up. We thought we would invite the country to sail here and not change our boats. Just to see how we would do. We are still in discussions. Don't get your hopes up this clubs calendar is booked most of the time. But it would be interesting.

As for the M ODR class here. The original intent in 1998 was to just limit the rig. It was still a class legal M with a class legal rig. There is nothing in the rule about what vintage the hull and keel are. We have 5 different designs sailing currently. That said, we are departing more from that consept. We now have a keel length resriction and a min hull weight. That could be constude as not being a Marblehead anymore. I understand that, but we would like to see the racing closer in the end and keep costs under control.

Some of this started with the fact that my molds got old and were not producing the quality I demand. (By the way I am a manufacturer of Marbleheads and have been since 1990. ). I desided to build new molds. I feel a fleet can not survive without a source of boats to replace those that drop out. With that I went to the members with an issue. If I design a new M to the current state of technology I was affraid to would obsolete the rest of the boats. With the new restrictions I feel we are close again. But the hull will be built to the rule and will have a short and long keel option. Now I just have to finish the design and start to CNC the plugs.
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