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Didn't I just hear on the news a study out of England that the Earth is in a cool down period?
Yes, if you don't get the info from the corrupt universities, Julian. And we have been in a cool down for 10 yrs. Thats why they(world socialists) had to again change their topic agenda. Now to "climate change".

but global warming is a get richer scam by the already filthy rich. just my 2 cents
Actually, money is just the tool. power and control is the agenda. "any means to reach the desired end" The only "rich" that follow along with this leftist crap, is those that benefit from crony capitalism and hope that they will not be the target of high regulation and taxes. So they drink the "Kool-Aid".

I remember, back in the late 60's/early 70's, They said we were heading for another ice age by the year 1980.

The Earth is cooling, heating, for billions of years. It's a cycle. The Left wants to convince us that We are at fault, Then they can control us, "for our own good". Global climate change is a political religion. Those who believe it are either deceived, or, fully well know the truth and outcome of it's introduction and manipulation.

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