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I got one of the rear struts glued in, and it looks like the mast angle will end up being 1/2 degree or a bit less than that rearward, measured in relationship to the floor. I could have forced in a longer strut, but I think I'll just add some shims to the rear frame mounting to get it to zero (or some angle forward). I was making the strut to just have a light contact 'hold', I'm sure the boom was drooping some with the mounting only on the front frame and on the boom tube back by the tail rotor area, when making that part. Lots of leeway with that long flexable airframe boom tube to get the mast angle forward a bit when it comes time for final fitting I think.

Interestingly, the floor of the fuselage is really, really close to the top of the fuselage tail boom angle. Like within a tenth degree or right on the money. Funkey must have some sort of a jig when they glue the floors in.
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