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Originally Posted by brathanke View Post
It could be a wing incidence problem but I really doubt it. When full throttle the plane is going pretty fast... at least 60 mph and the rudder is huge. Also with the big fuse there isn't a need for a ton of rudder to hold her steady in KE. It could be pulling to the gear some during that and I might not have noticed since at this point I have only done it up high and pretty far out.

As for moving the cg back... not sure how to go about doing it... I guess I could move the throttle servo but I really don't want to. The ignition can't really go anywhere and my batteries are as far back as I can get them. They just don't weigh very much. Anyway... I'm sure Ill figure something out eventually.
Inverted test typically will give you a feel for the CG, not to mention after a trim flight is the elevator centered on the stab or not. Tail heavy will couple to the canopy.. Once the CG is set, the plane becomes neutral, take it up 60 mistakes high, chop the power in a dive and see if it tracks to the ground or tucks to gear or canopy, that will tell wing incidence.

We just did all of this a few weeks back with a 50cc Reactor, the better it got <was nose heavy> the bigger his smile got. It really is worth the time setting up an airframe.
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