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Originally Posted by lineofsight View Post
Z06 Tony,

Yes! Very nice platform you built there. And running 6s, very cool, I take it those MT motors are working well for you? I was leaning toward the Avroto 2814 on 4s that I saw you also carry. I'm sure you've got a very happy customer.

So, are you running the same blade pitch on all the motors, or did you vary the pitch on the lower props? And if so, did you go through a phase of trial and error or more the TLAR method?


Yes same pitch/prop size top and bottom on every Y6 and X8 I have built.
I have yet to see "proof" that a coaxial setup will fly any better with different size/prop pitch for upper and lower.

I am 100% confident that if I put 2 exact same coaxial setup in the air and 1 had all the same props and 1 had diff prop pitch on the bottom you would never ever tell the difference.

If this is true is it really worth the effort worrying about it?
Z06 Tony is online now Find More Posts by Z06 Tony
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