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Originally Posted by waynemia View Post
I don't think so... If nose heavy was the problem, you would need a lot more rudder to stay level in flight than you described. If your CG is off and you know it, sure, fix it. If you can see a lot of up trim on the elevator, maybe that is helping to pull some to the canopy. If you have a lot of pull to the canopy, I am still thinking wing incidence.
It could be a wing incidence problem but I really doubt it. When full throttle the plane is going pretty fast... at least 60 mph and the rudder is huge. Also with the big fuse there isn't a need for a ton of rudder to hold her steady in KE. It could be pulling to the gear some during that and I might not have noticed since at this point I have only done it up high and pretty far out.

As for moving the cg back... not sure how to go about doing it... I guess I could move the throttle servo but I really don't want to. The ignition can't really go anywhere and my batteries are as far back as I can get them. They just don't weigh very much. Anyway... I'm sure Ill figure something out eventually.
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