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Originally Posted by I R Irv View Post
You should really try some lighter 6 & 7mm gearboxes which will also let you drop your battery size to the 70 to 90mah range. A Sukhoi motor in a 10'' plane is a lot more weight and power than needed.(and I love lots of power) The down-side is your not going to be flying in that kind of wind, but indoors you'll probably be amazed. The AP03s are great I have a few of them but they amp hogs compared to the gearboxes. Wish you the best of luck because it is a cool little plane and we need as many as we can get.

Thank you for the suggestions. I am not super familiar with the specific motors that are used in each HorizonHobbies micro airplane. It does look like the power output from the Sukhoi is rather high for this design, but I will probably install and test anyway.

I know the plane will fly well with 1 to 1 power to thrust ration, but it is not near as much fun as when you have more power.

The ideas behind this design is great slow flying simplicity. It needs to be easy to install gear, have great durability and be very fun to fly. All of my SlowBipe designs have proven that this design platform is well suited for indoor flight.

I would love it someone had the time and was willing to post on this thread the motor/gearbox combinations that come with the various HobbyZone micro aircraft. Pictures would even be great. I would like my plane to be capable of flying after the installation of any of these packages. I would like to gain more knowledge about the methods of attaching each of the respective gearboxes.

Thanks, SlowBipe
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