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The price of a new board is about the same as a brand new BNF. I did find someone selling his. Apparently, it's his 2nd GeniusCP but has barely flown it because he's switched over to mini and master CPs. I'm inclined to believe him because the landing vertical fin, skids, and canopy, especially the part where the front legs go through the canopy, look shiny.

The thing is, when he was flying it, it flew straight, but when i bound it to my TX, it kept tilting left. When i checked his TX, the settings on it looked like it was setup by someone used to flying a larger heli... he apparently had little experience with programmable transmitters and had someone else set it up. Oh well.

This morning i finally figured out why it kept going left (A lot more than my first one to account for the tail rotor). It seems the servo horns weren't level, as in i had to unscrew one of the horns and move it one notch down. Blades weren't level, some issue with blade tracking, and the frame was shaking (I now understand what you guys meant by checking by holding by the canopy mounts and running the motor at low speed, my first GCP was smooth compared to this).

I spent the entire morning tuning the heli and i think i got most of the vibration out. I can't believe it went out of the factory like this.
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