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Props break, all props break. I always check the prop at the hub for micro cracks, little white lines that indicate the prop is ready to fail. I replace them rather than fall out of the sky. I don't know how many thousands of dollars I have spent on repairing parts that have failed from other manufactures. Would they warrant them, heck no. If you look at what DJI has done with the S800, esc issue, then the GPS. How many frames did they replace, plus I think a couple of Z-15's. 10's of thousands of dollars. They were the ones the figured out the GPS problem that was causing the FOD. See what kind of support you get from MK for their products. I am sorry for your crash. It happens to all of us, we fix the damage, learn from the experience and fly again. If you expected your first purchase would not crash and things would not break, you had unrealistic expectations about the sport. I got out of large single rotor helis because of the expense of a crash, not that I didn't enjoy flying them. Robert is a great guy and treats his customers well. If he offered you a discount say thank you and move on. I doubt that DJI will give you most of a complete F550 kit because a prop broke. I broke two opposing DJI props on an F550 not as high up as you and I was able to bring it down hard on asphalt. Damage two broken props. Sorry, I hope that you do get some flying in soon. Just an FYI Graupner props break as well, I fly them on my F330, F450 and Discovery. Check the props at the root for cracks before every flight.
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