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Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
Yep - using the Align mains but since I didn't even have time to get into ST1 and given the way it went in I think I had the throttle at 0 or very close so no damage to the gears. I'm wondering now if the pinion has slipped, it was only 10T and the set screw had a thread or two only to hold it, so I added a little thread lock on the shaft... need to check if the pinion is still attached...!

Possibly what had happened was that I used a new model and had forgotten to set the Gyro rate to 75% so the first couple of times I tried spooling up it started to spin off the bat but then I realised my error, set the gyro rate and tried again. I didn't rebind, but it shouldn't really make a difference - you should be able to flip between rate and HH without rebinding. Maybe it was vibes affecting the Gyro?... but it flew just fine in a test hover before I took it out... confused...
Stupid gyros.
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