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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
And that review is dated June 2011, before the #16 was even available! Most of the "disadvantages of the HD keychain" camera he was using for comparison (must have been a #11) have long been eradicated and surpassed when the #16 was released and updated extensively with on-going FW releases over the past year.

The poster apparently didn't know much about the configurability of the #16 since it has a recording indicator LED that can be toggled on by the user, along with dozens of other tweaks. Plus three different lenses, including a wide angle lens that is similar in AOV but sharper than the HK lens in that sample photo in the article. The cold weather reduced capacity plagues all lipos, but it would be trivial to add a larger battery and shrink wrap it to the camera like the HK camera if necessary, or better yet, power it from an ESC BEC or UBEC and eliminate the extra weight.
The poster did read up on the #16 purchased a d lense and was good at about 20 feet blury after that. the b lense is on par but limited on the bat life.
trivial is needing to do tweaks and and modify the cam to be on par.
We fly an average of 3 times a week and with a total of 8 cams on board.
We want to be able to record flights an average of about 10 min x 4 or 5 and edit our flights into a 5 min show.
I'm not saying the hk has better video and I'm sure the #16 will do better in quality with tweaks but for producing an edited video and posting on youtube that most will not see any dif.
For ease of use and knowing that its recording and the ability to record for more than 20 min is a no brainer for us.
If we really want quality video shots we send up our GoPros or Bloggies.
Also concerning a ubec or esc we fly multiple planes with cams on board so that would be another problem and diffrent locations on the plane.
For instance take the Radian we mount 2 to 3 cams on the wing and another usually the #16 on the tail mainly for weight as we did the Paul Natons mod and used the #16 for balance plus being able to have another cam for recording.
Would be hard to run wires. plus we use our cams on many other planes so it wouldn't work for us.
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