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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post

Don't get me wrong, the simulator has it's place. But it's never the same as what your really flying. Never is, but it's great to practice and learn 3D. You will slowly transition things into real flight without even realizing your doing it. Are you using the Align main gears? they are much cheaper. Anyway, good luck with the repair.

I had a thought. Did you by any chance adjust the trims on the TX after you bound it? I had an incident where after binding i noticed the rudder trim was pushed far to one side while i was holding the TX. I set it to center and lifted off. The heli started to spin out. I had countered it manually, but i had to give very hard rudder to do so. The gyro had registered the trimmed position as the zero point reference and when i centered the trim it thought the new trim setting was input by me. Make sense? Just a though, and a warning, i suppose.
Yep - using the Align mains but since I didn't even have time to get into ST1 and given the way it went in I think I had the throttle at 0 or very close so no damage to the gears. I'm wondering now if the pinion has slipped, it was only 10T and the set screw had a thread or two only to hold it, so I added a little thread lock on the shaft... need to check if the pinion is still attached...!

Possibly what had happened was that I used a new model and had forgotten to set the Gyro rate to 75% so the first couple of times I tried spooling up it started to spin off the bat but then I realised my error, set the gyro rate and tried again. I didn't rebind, but it shouldn't really make a difference - you should be able to flip between rate and HH without rebinding. Maybe it was vibes affecting the Gyro?... but it flew just fine in a test hover before I took it out... confused...
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