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I've been thinking for awhile about getting into flying a GoPro around, especially as I plan to get one of the new Black Edition ones pretty soon which can do some amazing things. Buying the cam next month at some point, friend is using one for a project and going to sell it to me 1/2 off when it's over......

Brand new to RC anything, hoping this will be a fairly straightforward introduction. Been doing a lot of homework, but bough one of the IFLY-4 copters from HobbyKing and a Turnigy 9x to go with it, along with a QuadFrame mount ( for the GoPro and some extra props for when I dump the thing while learning........

I figure I'll roll over to full carbon fiber props once I'm decent at flying it, as that should save about 80-100g off stock weight, hopefully increase the flight time a bit. I was expecting ~5min flight times without the GoPro or mount attached when I broke out the credit card, so to hear people getting ~10-13 minute flights out of 2600-3000mah batteries is AWESOME. Figure CF props, 5000mah batteries, and a second FPV downlink camera setup are in the future depending on how well things go with my initial learning to fly and non-downlink GoPro stuff turns out.

I'd love to try and carry a Canon T3 and lens at about 700-800g with some weight reduction and smaller batteries on the body, but I doubt I'll get that far with this copter. Figure if it looks commercially viable for my area I'll jump up to a bigger kit and turn it into a side business......

Hoping to try and use the WiFi live view for the GoPro iOS apps for framing shots and videos, as long as it doesn't !&*$ with the controller links on 2.4 as well.... We'll see.

I'm a professional photographer & tech rep by day working for an RF / embedded development company, so I live and breathe RF stuff daily........... For having gone to college for photo, I'm counting my blessings to have a few RF engineers behind me once I get deeper into this whole thing...........

Been talking about getting a GoPro capable quad of almost a year now - hoping to be able to pull some stuff like this once ski season rolls around:

Anyway that got long..... Guess I'm excited about this whole thing! Ordered last week, shipped today for HK, hopefully be flying next week!
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