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Originally Posted by BCSaltchucker View Post
OK you've piqued my interest. I am thinking I might want to build a long range expendable plane. Try to get it built and flying on 1280 w a dipole, UHF and crappy camera, simple OSD for around $250 all in. Then just launch over the ocean and fly down the coast (can't get lost) until near the 1/2 way limit of the battery, turn and come home. That will be my one and only long range attempt, unless I recover the plane and get to try again Maybe 20km out and back?

Time to order another Popwing I think. But crap those UHF receivers are pricey.
I used gliders for long range because I could fly far out till battery died, and then glide all way back home, even 30 km away I glide 30 km back

I use separate video,battery and rx battery, so I have three batteries in the plane

Ezglider pro will do 20 km no problem
Cularis 30 km for sure

Ezstar I go out till 12km and then come home. But use motor to get back home

Aerodynamics is big part of long range

Useing coastline to navigate is great idea

I do that also and can't ever get lost with coast line

Mountain flying long range is a blast, can't get lost with mountains as well

I circle around and look back,where i took,off from and fly further and circle around and fly further to get to know my area

Good luck with no OSd, you will find the fpv experience to be more fpv
And not OSd assisted

It's a real rush not useing OSd

Eventually you will never put OSd in a plane again unless youmflymin fog or like clouds where visual is impossible without osd

OSd is recommended IMHO for those starting out
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