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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Yeah, real life practice helps. Nothing better to learn how to prevent a crash then doing it a few dozen times
Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
Good old throttle hold , i have been practicing this for 2 weeks now. I can take heli up ,on sim, to as high as i can and land under no power everytime now. Even inverted autos, but only on sim, and i may never do it as a trick , but its a must to learn if the worst happens. I auto every time i land the 600 , i was told it kills the headspeed, but the 450 doesnt do it lile the 600! Even with my 3800 rpm headspeed lol.
Yep - I'm not great at AR in the SIM but I can do it 70% of the time... but you always know when you're going to lose power - I know you can set failures but it doesn't compare to seeing something physical not doing what you want!

As you say Integrity... only way to do it is to do it for real... problem is I don't crash the V120D02S so often anymore!

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough?

Parts are on their way from China... should be here in 7~10 days.
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