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I have experimented around with this for a while and have come down to my final combination.

Emax cf2805 motor
mg90 servos
full coating of tape & laminate
850 mah 45c2s, or a 500 mah 3s, both weigh the same, it works well with either
18 amp esc, probably maxed out
4.75 X 4.75 apc, or 4.1 X 4.1
weighs 9 ounces

it has 2 speeds, screaming, and off.
It eats the wind, bounces off the ground, and is just fast in a ridiculous way, with a hot 2s it is way fast, with a 3s it is really just, make ya giggle, fast. I kept going down on prop size until I got full response from my throttle stick all the way back and forward. 4.1 just screams and will still go straight up, 4.75 is a step back to gain a little control. With the cut down prop, in the description, it will chug around, and is kind of fun that way, but this thing is made to go fast. Put a thin little prop on it, keep the weight down, and then let it spin up and go.

I rercommend using as small of a prop as you can stand with this, really, let it get up to speed, it is very smooth once it gets there.

Love it.
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