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Originally Posted by RC Man View Post
I do some AP so I want something that will navigate me to a location (GPS coordinates) and hold position for some photographs. Will Naza, Align and Skookum all perform those tasks?

I have a simple autopilot that will do that (AMP2) but it won’t fly a FBL helicopter.

None of the vendors you listed will do that unless you go with the ultra expensive DJI systems with waypoint capability. You are talking $10,000 for a waypoint system that will take the craft autonomously to set locations and hold it there.

The SK will have hold position, return to home and hard deck functions, the new Naza has three modes.....manual flight, attitude hold using accelerometers and barometer, and GPS atti which brings the GPS coordinates to lock the heli into place or allows the heli to be flown at a fixed attitude, altitude and speed. The next firmware will add semi auto takeoff and landing.

The DJI H version has functions right now very similar to what the SK is claiming, but the DJI version is called the Ace One with return to home and its priced at $3,200. The SK will be a deal at its estimated price point if it really does what it claims compared to similar products now.

What you are describing in sending the heli to a position would require programable waypoint capability, and that going to cost you big time at this point, and DJI has it available called single waypoint, or just waypoint for the really big bucks.
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