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Help diagnose sudden tails whip round

Mcpx Ver 1, not too many hours on the clock.

Flew it last week indoor everything was fine. I'm a beginner with CP so still learning hovering, and I went home well pleased with my progress, although the heli seems much more twitchy than my friends model, and has been from day one.

This week I take it out of the box, same settings on TX, spool up and find it very hard to hover, then on any increase of throttle it whips the tail round and shoots off across the room.

I checked it over visually and can find no problem, also rebound it to the tx. I have looked at the board connector and it seems like it is quite solid with no break in the sealant holding the plug to the main board.

Also checked I don't have any trims moved on the Tx.

Any ideas on what might be the cause?
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