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Originally Posted by Tripert View Post
Here you have one of them. It fits just exact on height 4.8 cm, and is a little small on width so it fits fine on the hole of the walkera Devo 7 transmitter.
I'd probably prefer to use a black&white screen than a color one for a port. the main reason is that a color screen will require more hardware to support which will mean more limitations in the MCU that can drive it. since I'm not going to design a custom circuit board, we want to find off-the shelf development boards that are inexpensive enough and have sufficient performance to meet our needs.
For anything I work on, it'll be ARM based (probably M3) since that is the minimum hardware needed to run Deviation.
Also, it is much more likely that a 128x64 board will have the right aspect ratio for the devo7 than a 320x240 board will.
I have a 2.8" board already (came with the board I mentioned above, that uses a 16 or 8-bit interface). it actually fits in the devo7 (though as you note you can't access the full 240px of height). but you'd need to spend $30 for the screen + ~$20 (or more) for a MCU that can control it, and that makes it too expensive for what you'll end up getting. All of the boards you show require working with a ribbon cable. I am trying to find off-the shelf parts that require a minimum of soldering. If the solution requires soldering a ribbon cable, it is probably out of range of most people who would want to do it.
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