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Originally Posted by RCWorks View Post
On the subject of Self Esteem
Humm, good article and I can relate. Although I already recognized the bs of parents always telling the kids they are wonderful when they are not. That doesn't build good self worth. I think the article is right in that it produces narcissism more so than self-worth.

However, the problem of addiction is not effectively addressed in the article.
In fact, it says that people don't need self esteem as much as self control. That is a bs statement; if self control was the answer there would be no addiction. Substances are used and abused in order to escape the sense of self. So I still maintain that addiction is a product of low self worth/esteem.

Well then, that still makes it much more complicated.

I would suggest then that a moral factor is at work, obviously. And that a person of good character is most likely not just a product of high self-esteem, but also humbleness as a result of a belief in something greater than themself, i.e. a belief in a god, etc. In other words, the person is happy with themselves, but knows they are not god. However, the article does point out that people of low self worth are capable of being outstanding individuals. So perhaps sense of self has nothing to do with being a criminal.

I get a feeling that the measures of self worth are not standardized, and that arrogance and narcissism is mistaken for high self worth.
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