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Hitec Transmitter Rapid/Fast Charging Rate via Socket.

Originally Posted by Brner View Post
A T...
Thanks for the response. I just happen to have a Hangar 9 Double Vision sitting on the shelf that I've never used.
Claims an 800mA charge rate. When I switched to lipo flight packs I got an Acucel 6 and never opened the box on
the Double Vision.
The Double Vision is a field charger but I do have a power supply so I can use it at home or at the field.
The Double Vision has a transmitter plug that fits the Optic 6.
I've read where, in some cases, the battery must be removed for charging but I'm guessing this only applies to Lipo's.
Don't want to plug this thing directly to the transmitter
if there's a problem with that.
Thanks again for the quick response...Don
Majority of Peak detect chargers either do not operate or cut off incorrectly due to protection
within the charging circuit. However, the Double Vision Fast Field Charger notes that a diode within circuit does not matter.
I have no way to test a unit here, but as highlighted in the link provided in post #2 regarding Field /Fast charging .
. Hitec Aurora, Eclipse, Flash, Optic, Prism series - Field and Fast Charging
"NB: Circuit on board will prevent peak detection from most other chargers and as per manual,
to avoid possible damage to a very nice transmitter, remove battery and charge externally - refer:

Regret not mentioning in post #2, that the maximum charge rate, due to overall circuitry,
through any Hitec transmitter is 0.9A. 0.8A is so close to that limit.
. Hitec Aurora & Optic Transmitter Rapid/Fast Charging.

. Diode Protection can be Bypassed but at users own risk.
Still recommend removing battery if charge set over .5A.
(It is in a plastic case, without cooling vents, and batteries do get quite warm at charge rates above C20.)

Much more information available under sub sections
"Battery Care, Performance & DIY Battery Packs."
and below
"Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ" at
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.
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