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What you are referring to is controlling the Rates in R/C speak. Sometimes call Dual Rates or D/R.

The top left button will change the rates, like you assume, putting the Heli into beginner or advance mode as you put it. Some people calls it low rate or high rate. Basically all referring to the same thing.

In advance (high rate mode) the Heli will be faster because the servo has more travel and this, more throw.

In beginner (low rate mode) the Heli servo travel is limited. So you don't get full 100% servo travel. And the Heli will be slower, despite you pushing your stick to the max.

One way to determine which rate you're in is via the LCD is by pressing your left stick (rudder) full left or right. Watch the LCD as you do. You'll see the rudder indicator reduce or increase a bar or two.

Less bars equals low rate.

More bars equals high rate.

Now, the LCD also shows the words Mode1. That's a misspelling to refer to Model 1. Ignore that.
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